Ladybug Quartet
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Shamane, Lead
Iris, Tenor
About Ladybug Quartet
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Sharing our love of Barbershop Singing, and bringing music to those that need a respite from their daily lives.
Lisa, Bass
Julianna, Baritone
My musical career began at the age of 9 when I began to play flute in the school band in Skokie, Illinois. I sang in school choruses and my synagogue choir. After attending the University of Illinois where I earned a bachelors degree in music history, I went to a guest night for the Melodeers and immediately fell in love with barbershop music, sang tenor in the chorus and with the Special Touch quartet. Tired of hibernating every winter in Illinois, my husband and I relocated to Florida. After his passing, I turned to Sweet Adelines once again and joined the Harmony Harbor Chorus in 1999. I became the tenor of Twilight Zone (with Lisa Williams as bari, then lead). After 4 years, joined Sensation (again with Lisa as lead) We had a great run together and our friendships remain strong. I became a chorus member again joining Gulf to Bay Chorus. Becoming very fortunate once again, Lisa and I then formed Ladybug, singing with Shamane and Ali.
In my life outside of Sweet Adelines, I am married to Ed, my wonderfully supportive husband. We live in Palm Harbor with Mason, our schnoodle and Chloe, our cat. I am an executive assistant with WellCare in Tampa and love my job. I am proud to be the tenor of Ladybug and can honestly say we work hard, play hard, laugh an awful lot, and love each other even more!

I was born in North Bergen County NJ. Moved to Florida at age 11. A musician since I was young, I played the drums for a live band called "Charisma" that toured mostly B Circuit clubs throughout the state. I have a wonderful daughter that lives in Japan and she teaches young kids from age 4-18 English. I am so very proud of her! 
In 1997, when I caught the Barbershop bug in my early 30's, (Ok ...Late 30's...) it was like a big lightbulb glowed above my head.
This is where I belong! I love singing with girl's who are not only my quartet sisters, but are true friends as well.

Performing is in my family and in my blood, as I used to sing and play piano when I was a child growing up in New Jersey. My sister and I started a Top 40/Rock band in our 20's in Florida, and afterward I entertained on cruise ships and sang back-up vocals on CD's for other up-and-coming artists.  

I am new to the Barbershop world, but I love it more than anything else I have ever done! Since being blessed as the recently chosen Ladybug Baritone, I have never worked or laughed so hard doing something I love!  

Currently I am living in Safety Harbor, FL, with my musically talented 13 year old son, Julian. My 21 year old, Alexander, is a music performance major (Marimba Player Extraordinare and Percussionist) at USF in Tampa, and my stepson, Mario, is very fortunate to tour around the world as the lead guitar player for the famous Latino/POP singer Marc Anthony, as well as with his own other musical ventures.  

I am so happy to be singing again with such professional and dedicated girls like Shamane, Iris and Lisa! .

I was born to dance and sing, I think it is in my blood! 
Being a part of the Toast of Tampa's front row for many years, it never dawned on me to try quarteting. But then I was asked to begin a wonderful journey singing lead with Ladybug and formed a quartet with them in the fall of 2009.  
We've had a blast together for these past 6 years, always surprising our own selves with how much we can learn and have so much fun along the way.  There's not a week that passes that we don't laugh together, while ringing chords.